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Res·o·lute /ˈrezəˌl(y)o͞ot / adjective -Admirably Purposeful, Determined, and Unwavering


Who are we?

From ERP and Application Modernization, Business Process Reengineering, Sustainment, and Training, Resolute applies best-in-class processes and innovation where it makes sense. We don’t waste time, talent, or resources.

We lean on Risk Management and Change Management in ALL activities.

In our Technology Implementation line, we’ve managed Global ERP Programs deploying solutions to 70+ military facilities - Simultaneous site deployments, last-minute emergency requirement changes, data quality issues, integration challenges, training shortfalls, scope creep, etc – We’ve seen it all, and found a way to a “Win” for our clients.

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Our story

Resolute Solutions was founded to address the critical need for exceptional IT support and talent. Originating from a mandate to provide high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective talent for transformative global system implementations, our journey swiftly evolved, positioning us as a strategic partner on some of the most significant initiatives shaping the modernization efforts of the Department of Defense and broader Federal Government.


Under the visionary leadership of our President, Chris Cadle, and his background in IT and the Navy, our commitment to excellence in systems engineering, IT consulting, cybersecurity, and specialized staffing support has propelled us to exceed standards and expectations. Today, Resolute Solutions stands as a trusted partner delivering top-tier IT solutions to US Federal Agencies and enterprise clients in the commercial space, driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, professionalism, and efficiency.

Our Values

Associate, Client, Team, Self

Our priority in service to each other is in that order. By taking care of those ahead of us, we take care of ourselves and build a resilient team. 

Always Be

We commit to reviewing our performance, learning from successes and failures, constantly seeking ways to enhance our services and internal processes.

Own It

We expect each team member to attack each task with a sense of ownership. If we fail, we own it and figure out how to do better next time and every time after. 

Excellence in
the Little Things

The big wins come as a result of the discipline in the little things. Attention to detail is in our DNA and we welcome constructive criticism to help us achieve little things excellence. 

Listen, Then Execute

Our approach to problem-solving begins with active listening, ensuring we understand the needs of clients, candidates, and team members.

Exceptional Effort for Exceptional Results

We set the bar high to exceed expectations in all we do and going the extra mile is what drives exceptional results.

Our Leaders

A look inside RS

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